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“I want to sell my house” – Preparing Your Home For The Market

January 5, 2009

So, It is time for you to sell your home! Prepare Your Home for the Market

What is the first step in selling your home? Preparing it for the market!

Yes your home is just that YOUR HOME, and your home is the place where you live, that’s right, the place where you have gathered all of your wonderful possessions around you to bring you joy to your day to day life.  And that is a good thing!

But the way that we live in our homes and the way we sell our homes are very different from each other!

Here are a few pointers of how to prepare your home for the market to make your home more salable and in the end to net you more dollars! Try to think of it like going shopping at the mall…….in the world of marketing the store managers are trained to display the merchandise so that is appealing to the buyers eye… grab their attention when they walk thru the door.

That is what our goal is for today…….to make that Home Buyer want to buy your home!

1. Make repairs to your home – Now is the time to get out the screw driver and go through your home and make ALL of those repairs that have been nagging away at your conscience.  That’s right, now is the time to get r done!“!

2. Freshen things up – Dirty carpet?  Scuffed up walls?  Dirty fingerprints on cabinets?  Light bulbs burned out?  Get busy….make a decision to clean the carpet or replace it, put a coat of fresh paint on those walls, clean fingerprints off cabinets and door frames.

3.  Arrange the furniture – In some cases there might be a way to arrange the furniture to make it more appealing to the eye, to make the room not appear to be crowded or small and for the buyer to more easily place their own furniture into the room.  If a room has too much furniture find a place to store it until you move.  That’s right we are moving!”

4.  De – Clutter – That’s right we are going to streamline your home so that when the buyer is looking at the house that is exactly what they are looking at and not your stuff!  Less is best!  Ten framed family photos on the dresser?….take away 8 and then there was 2!  And all Sally’s beautiful artwork has got to go!….get her a nice colorful bulletin board to proudly display them 2 or 3 at a time on a wall in her room.  “It’s OK sweetie, we are moving to a NEW house and you will have a brand NEW room!”

5.  Have a family meeting – The family that plans together, stays together!  Make an “our home is on the market” plan.  Group effort….everyone make your bed when your feet hit the floor!….put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, not the sink!….put your books and magazines in a pretty basket, not spread out on the bed or floor!…dirty clothes – in the hamper!  This can be a more pleasant experience for all if everyone is involved in a happy way.  “Remember we are moving to a NEW house!”

Please view this video     EXPERT TIPS FOR STAGING YOUR HOME

Now that we have all the dirty work behind us let’s get together to discuss the pricing of your home with a Comparative Market Analysis and Market Plan that will get your home SOLD!

I will bring my camera to make beautiful photos of your newly staged home to place in all of our marketing media.  You will so proud to have these photos displayed of Your Newly Staged Home that is Ready for the Market!

We are excitedly awaiting your call!

DEBBIE HUTCHINS 205-368-2474

BOBBY FARRIS 205-365-1563


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