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Thank a Soldier Today! Only a Mouse Click Away!

November 18, 2009

It is time for Thanksgiving in the USA

And yes, we may be experiencing rough times.

But aren’t we thankful that we are able to

spend the forthcoming holidays at home

with our families!

There are those that have given up their lives

as they were, and being with their family

for this special time to go and serve our country.

The Xerox Corporation has repeated their wonderful website

” Let’s Say THANKS” where you can send

hand drawn cards collected from children

all across the country to the troops

And It’s FREE!

Just 3 Easy Steps, with a click of your mouse and you can send a message of good cheer to these soldiers.

So, go and browse around the site…….

It is filled with messages already sent, messages returned from the troops and some great photos of the troops and

the people behind the scenes making this all happen.

The cards are absolutely beautiful artwork submitted by the children of the good ole USA!

Just CLICK on the Let’s Say Thanks Banner above to go the Xerox website and send your card today!

And I would like to give “Special Thanks” to Xerox for giving back to the community!


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